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Energy Strawberry Life: a source of health and beauty for your body

The delicious Vita Energy cocktail with strawberry flavor is a new product manufactured following the slogan “Intelligent Power for Smart Persons”. Daily consumption of this drink stimulates good humor and normalizes the immune system.

It’s time to carefully study all the facts about this product and read customer reviews.

What exactly is Life Energy Strawberry?

This new generation product is a carefully balanced beverage that can replace a full meal, perfect for people of all ages, especially when the immune system weakens during the low season. It is also recommended to revitalize the body.

Energy Strawberry Life: composition and properties

Energy Strawberry Life has been developed to meet all nutritional needs. It Contains:

  • High quality natural proteins (milk serum proteins) which strengthen the muscle system;
  • Essential amino acids that reduce fat deposits;
  • Carbohydrates that normalize digestion, support brain function and provide the body with the basic elements that represent the main source of energy.

Additional ingredients: fructose, taurine, succinic acid. The combination of all the substances mentioned above:

  • stimulates good humor;
  • reduces weight;
  • increases immunity;
  • improves concentration and memory;
  • fights internal inflammatory processes;
  • slows down the aging process;
  • improves metabolism and digestion;
  • it helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Who is this product for?

This product all in one can be ordered by those who prefer to lead an active life and take care of their health. Energy Strawberry Life is produced in several countries, so it is not difficult to buy it within the European Union (eg in Italy) or in Asia (eg in Thailand).

The protein cocktail supports the body when engaged in physical activity such as anaerobic and aerobic exercises, active relaxation, hiking and sports competitions.

Dosage and mode of use

Each pack of protein cocktail contains the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it and the dosage. We recommend using Vita Energy Strawberry after doing sports or training, regardless of the time of day.

It is not necessary even to observe a precise time. However, you should always stick to the recommended dosage, which is usually 1-2 servings per day. It might be a good idea to replace an abundant dinner or a light breakfast with this drink; however, if you are not athletes, it is best to take one dose per day.

Product effectiveness

Thanks to the natural composition of the drink and its high vitamin content, Vita Energy Strawberry:

  • greatly increases the effectiveness of physical training;
  • increases resistance;
  • reduces weight;
  • stimulates the growth of different muscle groups.

When do you drink the drink?

Energy Strawberry Life is recommended to increase the amount of natural proteins in your daily diet as well as for:

Rapidly increase muscle mass; the beverage content provides the body of the athlete with the optimum amount of amino acids and proteins for the formation of new muscle fibers;

Actively reduce weight; Taking drink between meals increases metabolism and burns excess fat while muscles are protected from destruction;

Improve your diet; it is possible to significantly increase the biological value of food and enrich the body of essential nutrients, including carbohydrates that are rapidly digested.

Life Strawberry Life Benefits:

  • Optimum protein content;
  • Blocks hunger for 4 hours;
  • Has a combination of slow digestion and rapid digestion;
  • Contains substances that improve energy exchange;

it is easy to use; just add 1 tablespoon to 200 ml of milk or water.

The product does not present any health hazards. It does not contain GMOs, aspartame, sugar or trans fat. If strictly follow the intake and dosage procedures, it can be used without the intervention of a physician. You can mix Vita Energy Strawberry with yogurt or any other dairy product as well as with juice or water at room temperature. Its nutritional value is equivalent to two glasses of milk, a small portion of baked buckwheat or a medium sized steak.

Summarizing: The regular consumption of this protein drink increases the cell’s energy output, stimulates fat cleavage and speeds up muscle recovery after workouts. It is the ideal option for active people and for those who want to stay fit.

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