Ales method a great alternative for those who do not want to do Diet from USP

The USP diet is one of the best known “fad diets” today, and used by people who want to lose weight urgently – despite the name of USP, the University of Sao Paulo does not recognize the diet plan as its own, much less its benefits.

The USP diet is a strictly restrictive diet for the consumption of carbohydrates and calories, so it is a hypocaloric diet. To replace carbohydrate intake, it gives a greater focus on the intake of foods rich in fats and proteins. During the diet period, there is a loss not only of fat, but also of water – due to carbohydrate restriction – and of muscle mass, which can cause a gradual decrease in the individual’s energy levels.

This diet is most commonly used by people who want to lose weight urgently to upcoming events that will happen, for example, by someone going to a wedding and want to lose about 3 kg to be more fit on the day of the party. The USP diet promotes rapid weight loss both by dramatically decreasing calories from food and by the rapid elimination of liquid from the body due to the exclusion of carbohydrates from the menu – carbohydrates have an enormous capacity to retain liquids, which leads to swelling and a few extra pounds.

The USP diet menu is based on liquids such as water, tea, and sugar-free coffee – sodas and fruit or industrialized juices are banned – because the ingestion of these beverages helps to give satiety, meats (fish, poultry, red) and eggs , milks and derivatives, fruits and vegetables such as carrots and chuchu. The three herbs allowed during the diet period are chicory, watercress and lettuce. One rule of this eating plan is never to substitute foods from the menu, either from one time to the next, or from one day to the next, that is, you must follow the diet as it is on paper. In addition to restricted feeding, it is also recommended in this plan to practice physical exercises, such as walking, for at least thirty minutes a day. Ales Method is a great alternative for those who do not want to do the USP Diet because there you find everything step by step in a well explained way for you to lose weight with health!

Plan detox works against hypertension

Many people look for different formulas to lose weight, but most are lost because they do not have an effective detox plan to lose weight!

What is Detox Plan Works

It is a detox plan and a form of detoxification (sometimes also called body treatment) in the context of alternative science consists of an approach aimed at saving the body from “toxins” – accumulated malefic substances that are supposed to exert negative health effects the rest of life. Plan detox cleansing of the body usually includes one or more of the following: diet, fasting, consuming exclusive or avoiding specific foods (such as fats, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, juices, herbs or water), the clarity of the colon, therapy chelating, or cleaning of dental fillings

Plan detox is a daily eating plan that consists of transforming not only your body, plus your sweat and your way of living!

We have to first deconstruct the fat mind, the old plan of feeding to rebuild through the detox diet plan a new plan full of life!

The detox plan is not only made with fruits as everyone thinks, it can be made with fresh vegetables!


Detox plan is not a simple diet, it is a philosophy of life, made for transformation of the individual, who seeks a way to lose weight fast and safely, can make the rosi plan Feliciano!

For she studied for a few years a little known little known to lose weight through an accurate detox diet plan, done with much affection and responsibility, by a person who suffered enough obesity!

She has made a kit with several books, where she treats all the things necessary for you to lose weight with health.

Weight loss with health is the only thing that matters, as many plans teach you to lose weight aggressively and unhealthily, where many people suffer a lot, because they lose weight with medicines and suffer from sequelae, cellulites and stretch marks. Have Healthy Kids With Healthy Child Program Works For Kids To Grow Safely!


The goal is to have more health and use foods that fight old age and help keep the body healthy without hypertension with the controlled hypertension program works!

Summarizing the plan works really, you can search in Yahoo, because there several people speak well of the method!

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